BPDCC81 Gaugemaster DCC Standard Point Motor Decoder w/CDU (3)

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BPDCC81 Gaugemaster DCC Standard Point Motor Decoder w/CDU (3)

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Simple point motor decoder for Standard solenoid point motors, 2 wire main track or bus connection minimize wiring. The super easy learning decoder requires no special programing when addressing. This decoder features an easy to use screw terminal block to insert your wires into. There is also a 3 pin harnes to attaches to the Surface Mounted Point Motor but with simple modification it can be fitted to other Solenoid Point Motors. The small switch on the side of the board is for setting the address of the decoder and then operating the point motor, simply set the switch to the SET mode, give the decoder an address from your DCC controller and set the switch back to RUN. It is that easy. The terminals on the decoder include This pack includes three decoders and three harnesses.

  • Length: 37mm
  • Width: 38mm
  • Height: 17mm
  • Harness Length: 100mm

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