R1281M Hornby Red Rover Train Set

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R1281M Hornby Red Rover Train Set

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R1281M Hornby Red Rover Train Set

In the 21st century the railways’ role in moving freight has never been greater. In a world all about reducing emissions the railways efficiency is unparalleled. The variety of freight hauled on the railways today ranges from raw materials used in manufacturing, to finished consumer goods as well as fuel for power stations and vehicles. This Train Set depicts a powerful modern diesel locomotive and wagons used to transport crucial supplies to eagerly waiting customers across the country.

What’s in the box!?

    • DB Rail Class 67 Locomotive (DCC Ready 8 pin)
    • Container Wagon with 2 x 30’ Containers
    • LWB Tanker
    • Bogie Tipler Wagon
    • 3rd Radius Starter Oval, with Track Pack A
      (includes point and buffer)
    • Train Controller (R7229)
    • Wall Plug Transformer (P9000W)
    • Power Connecting Track (R8206)
    • Hornby MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)
    • Re-Railer

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