STP-00 PECO OO/HO Setrack Planbook

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STP-00 PECO Peco OO/HO Setrack Planbook

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STP-00 PECO OO/HO Setrack Planbook

Regularly revised and updated, the 00 and N Gauge Setrack Planbooks are an ideal introduction to the hobby. Each of the layout plans is illustrated with a suggestion of how the layout can be transformed into a realistic representation of a real railway, and a detailed list of the components required is also supplied. Plus pages of useful tips on constructing baseboards, track laying etc – in fact all you need to know to make a good start. (STP-00 PECO OO/HO Setrack Planbook is also included in our 00 Starter Track sets Ref ST-100 and 101, and N Starter Track Set Ref ST-300).