373-811B Graham Farish HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ Blue

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373-811B Graham Farish HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ Blue

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373-811A Graham Farish HKA Bogie Hopper ‘National Power’ Blue

The HKA Bogie Hopper Wagons originated from JMA Coal Hoppers which were ordered by National Power in the mid-1990s. After being acquired by EWS, many of the JMA fleet were fitted with new bogies and the resulting wagons received the TOPS code HKA – with their use subsequently expanded to aggregate traffic too. It is these wagons that form the prototype for this Graham Farish model and the two variants – inner or outer wagons – can be modelled to suit individual needs. In normal operation HKAs run in fixed rakes with only buffers and conventional couplings fitted to the outer ends of the rake. Wagon-to-wagon coupling is by means of a buckeye, negating the need for buffers. The Graham Farish model can be configured as either; for an outer wagon the rectangular buffers, drawbar hook and screw-link coupling are fitted into the relevant bufferbeam receptacles, while for an inner variant the buckeye coupling and buckeye coupling lever is added.


  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine National Power livery
  • Running No. 300621
  • Accessory Pack including parts to configure the model as an ‘Inner’ or ‘Outer’ wagon
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Length 130mm


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