BD78 Deluxe Materials Eze Tissue Antique (5)

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BD78 Deluxe Materials Eze Tissue Antique (5)

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BD78 Deluxe Materials Eze Tissue Antique (5)

This specially developed colour is designed to match the oiled or doped colour of fabrics such as linen or cotton found on early British 1930’s and World War 1 aircraft.

As with all the Eze Tissue range, this paper is not only extremely light (14gsm) but has exceptional properties important for the construction of lightweight balsa wood model aircraft not found in many normal tissue papers.


  • High wet strength
  • Unusually high strength to weight ratio
  • It is bonded easily with Tissue Paste AD60 and subsequently air-proofed with Eze Dope BD42

Eze Tissue Antique comes with illustrated instructions.

Supplied in a sheet size 75cm x 50cm wide and a range of colours each pack contains multiple sheets, as shown below, and fully illustrated instructions for use.


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